Top Cheap food in Taipei 2024

Alex Lew, CFA
3 min readApr 25, 2024


Street food in Taipei isn’t just food; it’s a grand parade of flavors packed into bustling night markets, each stall telling its own story with every dish served. Here’s a deep dive into the top ten must-visit food stalls scattered across Taipei’s vibrant night markets, where traditional tastes meet culinary innovation.

  1. Fuzhou Black Pepper Buns at Raohe Night Market: Starting strong, this stall serves up a fiery punch with their black pepper buns. The buns are a sensory overload with peppery, juicy pork encapsulated in a crispy, yet chewy shell. These are not just buns; they’re a crunch, sip, and bite of local tradition all at once.

2. Chen Dong Ribs at Raohe Night Market: Here, ribs are not merely cooked; they are crafted. Slow-cooked to perfection, the ribs are so tender and flavorful they nearly melt off the bone. It’s a carnivorous feast that pulls you deep into the heart of Taiwanese culinary art.

3. A Kuo Lu Wei at Raohe Night Market: This stall is a treasure trove of braised goodies. From tofu to eggs and meats, each item is soaked in a broth that’s rich in spices and history, offering a taste of the depth of Taiwanese flavors.

4. Liu Yu Zi at Ningxia Night Market: A magical blend of textures and flavors awaits here. Their deep-fried taro balls stuffed with egg yolk and pork floss are a crunchy, gooey delight that explodes with savory and slightly sweet notes.

5. Chicken Rice Stall at Ningxia Night Market: Simplicity meets flavor in a dish that’s comforting and bold in its minimalism. The chicken rice here is cooked to a point where every grain carries the hearty essence of chicken, making it a dish you’ll crave long after you leave.

6. Mochi on Ice at Ningxia Night Market: When the heat of Taipei climbs, this stall is your oasis. The mochi, soft and chewy, paired with ice, provides a refreshing respite, combining traditional Japanese influences with local tastes.

7. Smelly Boss at Nanjichang Night Market: Dive into the deep end of flavor with their mala stinky tofu. Pungent, spicy, and absolutely addictive, this stall turns what might be an acquired taste for some into a must-try dish for all.

8. Chiayi-style Oyster Balls at Nanjichang Night Market: Seafood enthusiasts, rejoice! These oyster balls are juicy, flavorful, and packed with the fresh, briny flavors of the ocean, all wrapped up in a satisfyingly crispy outer layer.

9. A-Nan Sesame Oil Chicken at Nanjichang Night Market: This stall serves up chicken that’s been simmered in a rich, aromatic sesame oil-based sauce. It’s a warming dish that soothes and excites with its layers of hearty flavors.

10. Xiaolongbao Stall at Nanya Night Market: Last on our list but definitely not the least, this stall’s xiaolongbao are little pockets of heaven. The soup within these steamed dumplings is rich and savory, and the delicate wrapper holds the promise of a perfect bite.

Exploring Taipei’s night markets is like taking a walk through the alleys of flavor town. Each stall not only serves food but also dishes out a slice of Taiwanese culture, making every bite a part of a larger, delicious narrative.